Input Financing Program

Kanza Cooperative Association has joined forces with WinField United to provide a flexible, low-cost program to help our members maintain profitability.

Secure by WinField United is the most efficient source of operating capital on the market. It is a wholistic financing program built for the farmer around their most efficient business decision cycles. Repeat customers can access two crop years financing at the same time. The application is quick and easy and the decision is automated and immediate.

  • Program Open: September 1, 2023
  • Loan Maturity Date: February 1, 2025
  • Available Capital: Up to $500,000 on an unsecured basis; Up to $2,000,000 with a best lien UCC.
  • Available for finance: Proprietary and Partner Brand Seed & Chemical, Fertilizer, Services, Feed, Bulk Energy
  • Rates – Rates are based on a growers NetScore rating of A or B. Decisioning is instant for loans $500,000 or less.

A Growers

  • Fixed 4.99% – Seed, Chemical (less Glyphosate)
  • Variable Prime+1% – All other Products/Services

B Growers

  • Fixed 6.99% – Seed, Chemical (less Glyphosate)
  • Variable Prime+2% – All other Products/Services
  • Application Fee: $200 fee charged to the loan and waived if the loan is unused.

For more information, contact your Kanza sales representative.

Apply Today

Download the credit application.

Mail completed applications to:

Kanza Cooperative Association
Attn: Monica Lubbers, Credit Manager
PO Box 18
Andale, KS 67001