Helping you grow.

We encourage and support employee advancement at Kanza Co-op. In fact, we’ve had entry-level positions move into management, and location managers become co-op officers.

Cory Enterkin, Dillwyn Location Manager

“Before coming to Kanza, I had worked in the aircraft industry for seven years. I was also working on a criminal justice degree, and my goal was to become a U.S. marshal. Turns out my eyesight wasn’t good enough, so I decided to switch gears. A friend had worked for the co-op and suggested I apply. Within two months I went from outside operations to store manager. Since then I’ve moved up to safety and compliance manager.

I like the opportunity at Kanza. There’s room to grow, and they’ll work with you and give you a chance. You also feel welcome here. When I worked in another industry, I was just a number. Here, people know you by name, and it’s like being part of a big family. Co-ops are also owned by their members, and I really like the fact that we’re close to our customers. I feel at home here.”

Become part of the family.

Kanza Cooperative is a family-oriented company. So when you work with us, you’re part of the family.

Solid, stable and here to stay.

When you choose a career at Kanza Cooperative, you can feel confident that your job isn’t going away to a big city or another country. Instead, it’s a hometown job that is going to stay right here where you live.

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