Fall Harvest Underway in Kanza’s Territory

With the beginning of the school year, football season, the World Series, and fall festivals comes another annual tradition in south central Kansas – the fall harvest. Producers in the area have been harvesting the corn crop for the last few weeks and the entire area is gearing up for another fall crop to take to the elevators. While there have been some exceptions over the years, the core grains taken in by Kanza Cooperative Association during this time of year are corn, soybeans, and milo.

“We’ve probably taken in close to 40% of the corn crop as of today,” said Bruce Krehbiel, CEO of Kanza. “Soybeans are just getting underway, and then milo will start coming in.”

A recent heavy rain will limit the ability to harvest and will slow down Kanza’s agronomy application services for a few days, but with as with all things, the rain comes with a silver lining. “This rain came at a great time for farmers to get next year’s wheat crop planted,” said Krehbiel. Most areas within Kanza’s footprint received roughly 1.5 – 2 inches of rain. “It will take a few days to dry out after the rainfall amounts seen in Sedgwick, Stafford, and Pratt Counties, but once that occurs, we’ll all be back in the fields going full bore.”