FCEC (Garden Plain) and Kanza Sign Unification Agreement


March 18, 2024

GARDEN PLAIN & IUKA, Kan. – Farmers Cooperative Elevator Company – Garden Plain (FCEC) and Kanza Cooperative Association (Kanza) announced that both boards signed the definitive agreement for a merger between the two cooperatives.

FCEC and Kanza have a long history of providing strong returns to their members.  Today, both organizations are financially and operationally strong, thanks to their dedicated employees who are committed to serving each organization’s customer base.

A stronger organization will be more efficient, provide strong customer service, and return value to its members and stakeholders. There are tremendous synergies between the two cooperatives that will be further explored as part of a consolidation analysis.

“We are excited about the opportunity to work with Kanza,” said Dixie Brewster, Board President of FCEC. “By coming together the combined company will be able to continue providing high-quality service and products to our members, ensure we stay the employer of choice in our communities, and protect our members’ equity for generations to come!”

Alvin Neville, Board Chair of Kanza Cooperative shared, “Our two organizations share a similar geography and many of the same members. Our like-mindedness and strong financial positions make this merger a great fit for both coops. We look forward to creating a better cooperative focused on our members, employees, and the communities in which we serve.”

Collaboratively, the leadership teams from both companies have demonstrated the synergies and potential benefits of a merger, leading to the signing of the merger agreement by both boards.

The FCEC membership vote is scheduled for April 15, 2024, to finalize the merger. Before the voting date, FCEC will hold membership meetings April 2nd at and April 4th to provide further information and address any questions. Kanza provided information about the merger to customers during recent district meetings held throughout the company.



Frequently Asked Questions About Definitive Agreement