Kanza Annual Meeting Recognizes Organization’s Success in 2020

Bruce Krehbiel (left) and Mike Christie (right) present Larry Briggeman (center) with an award to recogize Larry’s years of service on the Kanza Board of Directors.
Ruby Howell speaks about her experiences at KCC Youth Leadership Camp during Kanza Annual Meeting.

The Kanza Cooperative Association Annual Stockholders Meeting was held on April 8 at the Pratt Municipal Building.

Business highlights of the meeting include:

  • FY2020 net earnings of $8.9 million and local earnings of $3.5 million. Year end financial statements can be viewed here.
  • Checks were distributed for patronage earnings from 2020 and the first round of equity redemption for 2012. Patronage rates can be viewed on the 2020 financial statement.
  • Kanza received an unqualified audit opinion that accounting continues to be represented fairly. Copies of the audit are on file and available to members as requested.
  • Frank Harper (East), Randy Fritzemeier (North) and Brian Moore (South) were each elected to a three-year term on the Board of Directors for their respective districts. Larry Briggeman was honored for his years of service on the board.
  • Updates were given by the Chairman (Mike Christie) and CEO (Bruce Krehbiel) about business operations and upcoming projects.

Prior to the meeting a meal was served by Wheatland Café and Ruby Howell, Pratt High Senior and daughter of Jason (Board Member) and Pam Howell, gave a presentation about her experiences at the Kansas Cooperative Council Youth Leadership Camp in July of 2019.

A recording of the meeting is available on the Kanza Facebook Page.