Kanza to Begin Grain Construction in Sedgwick

Seeing a need for increased storage capacity for the producers of southern Harvey and northern Sedgwick Counties, Kanza Co-op has begun construction on three concrete grain bins at its facility in the Sedgwick community.

The plan entails the construction of three 250,000 bushel concrete structures to be placed north of the current elevator, on the east side of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad tracks.  The new structures will be connected with a conveying drag from the old elevator.  “The emphasis on this project will be space, as we feel that our speed at Sedgwick is OK for now,” said Jim Bob Lewton, Chief Grain Officer at Kanza.

The first phase of the construction plan will be to demolish a dilapidated dry fertilizer shed currently sitting on the proposed site.  “We began the demolition of the shed the week of December 4.  There’s some preliminary dirt work to be done, then I hope to begin actual construction before the end of 2017,” said Lewton.

demolition of the dry fertilizer shed


The expansion of the Sedgwick facility marks a continued focus on strategic development for the company.  “It’s an exciting time.  I’m particularly glad we’re able to start on our plan at Sedgwick.  We identified this facility as needing an expansion from the moment we acquired it after the 2016 merger,” said Nicholas Krehbiel, Chief Compliance Officer at Kanza.  “It’s another example of our continued commitment to place this company in a position to serve the needs of our membership in the 21st century.”