Kanza Now Offering Customer Financing Through CFA

Kanza Cooperative Association is pleased to partner with CFA (Cooperative Finance Association) to offer the 2020 Ag Financing Program, a low-cost financing program that aims to help members maintain profitability in their farming operations.

“After wading through a number of input finance programs we are pleased to offer the CFA input financing as we think it offers our producers a great amount of flexibility,” said Brad Riley, Chief Financial Officer.

The Simpli-Fi loan by CFA can provide funding up to $350,000 to qualifying applicants without a lien subordination requirement or a notice to buyers. The interest rate on a Simpli-Fi loan can be as low as 3.5% for fertilizer, chemical and seed products through Kanza Cooperative Association.

The program provides several benefits that make it a good fit with Kanza’s membership. Riley said, “It is not a specialized program for specific inputs, it is a program that will apply to most farming inputs while offering flexibility in the timing, term and rate.”

Applications are currently being accepted to support early seed decisions, fall fertilizer, services, energy contracting options, end of the year prepay decisions and more. Customers who have already made payments toward 2020 inputs or pre-pays can be reimbursed once approved.

Click here to learn more about the 2020 Ag Financing Program or get an application. Contact Monica Lubbers at 1-800-536-5614, Ext. 317 with other questions about the program.