Kanza Represented at Water Congress Meeting

The Kansas Water Congress held its Winter Annual Meeting on February 5, 2019 at The Dillon House in Topeka, Kan. Program highlights included legislative updates on water issues being considered during the current Kansas legislative session, updates from the National Water Resources Association legislative agenda, a panel discussion on the Quivira Impairment and proposed LEMA and a presentation on interstate water transfer opportunities being considered.

Kanza Cooperative Association Chief Compliance Officer, Nick Krehbiel, served as a contributor to the panel addressing the Quivira impairment and proposed LEMA. Krehbiel provided an overview of how changes in water availability affect economic conditions in the surrounding communities. Other panelists included Lane Latourneau from the Kansas Water Office, Orin Feril of GMD 5, and Kent Moore of Water PACK.

The Kansas Water Congress, established in 2002, seeks common ground and to provide an independent forum to help further the wise management and stewardship of the State’s water resources. It is a not-for profit, fee funded entity separate and distinct from existing state agencies, associations, other organizations and direct political affiliation.