New Concrete Bins Taking Shape at Sedgwick

Crews began to form up the first of three concrete grain bins at Kanza Cooperative Association’s Sedgwick location this week, moving forward in a construction project planned during the earliest stages of Kanza’s merger with Andale Farmers Cooperative in 2016.

“Once we undertook the merger, it was readily apparent that we needed to increase our storage capacity at Sedgwick,” said Nicholas Krehbiel, Chief Compliance Officer at Kanza.  “Sedgwick is right in the middle of some terrific farm ground and we wanted to make sure that the producers in the area had what they needed.  We explored a number of different options and we wanted to make sure we did the right thing before we invested the capital necessary to undertake this size of a project.”

The total storage space being added north of the existing east elevator will be 750,000 bushels, improving the ability to store grain and handle larger harvests.  The resulting capacity will make Sedgwick one of Kanza’s largest facilities.