Sunflower Trading

Linking producers to end users.

As an innovative business concept of Kanza Cooperative, Sunflower Commodity Trading buys and sells ag-related consumable products including feed ingredients, grain, aggregates, fertilizer and more. This innovative concept links producers to end users‚ and opens opportunities for both parties.

You produce it‚ we’ll sell it.

Sunflower Commodities helps producers find a market for their grain, hay and specialty crops. It’s an easy way for producers to get connected to more markets and potentially secure a better price for their products.

You want it, we’ll deliver it.

On the flipside, Sunflower Commodities can source and deliver virtually any product at a fair price. From something as simple as a load of rock for a farmer’s driveway to a load of cottonseed, the possibilities are endless.

Broadening our horizons.

Sunflower Commodities operates in 10 states: Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Missouri, Iowa, Louisiana and Arkansas.

An added benefit for Kanza patrons.

Virtually all of Sunflower Commodity’s income is non-patronage income. So, it stays in Kanza Co-op as retained earnings‚ allowing Kanza to build facilities, improve facilities and add important services for local patrons.

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Sunflower Trading

Como un concepto comercial innovador de Kanza Cooperative, Sunflower Commodity Trading compra y vende productos consumibles relacionados con la agricultura, incluidos ingredientes para alimento, granos, agregados, fertilizantes y más. Este concepto innovador vincula a los productores con los usuarios finales y abre oportunidades para ambas partes.