Wheat Harvest Totals Better Than Anticipated

Kanza Cooperative Association is winding down the 2018 wheat harvest with better than expected results.

“I am very pleased with the way wheat harvest came out, it was better than anticipated,” said Bruce Krehbiel, Chief Executive Officer.

Based on grain receipts company-wide the crop yield was 65% of the 2017 crop, which was one of the highest yielding years in recent memory. The 2018 crop has also been high quality with test weights and moisture in a good range.

Weather conditions over the winter created uncertainty and variability for much of the Kanza trade area.

“Yields were all over the board this year,” said Jim Bob Lewton, Chief Grain Officer. “Southern Pratt County had lower yields because of drought and timing of some freezes. Our eastern locations and Stafford were much better with yield closer to 80% of last year’s crop.”

Kanza is still receiving a small amount of grain but Lewton estimated that more than 95% of the crop has been delivered.